Pathways to Public Relations

Pathways to Public Relations is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills that will help prepare you for a successful career in public relations. Through examples, tips, and exercises, Pathways to Public Relations will show you how to:

  • Conduct basic client or issue research
  • Create the range of materials and tools used in PR
  • Demonstrate competency in professional writing
  • Adopt the conventions of journalism, such as attribution, the inverted pyramid, and the basics of Associated Press style
  • Synthesize and analyze for PR problem-solving
  • Develop strong writing and editing skills
  • Prepare a portfolio of work
  • Use campus resources to help prepare you for your career

This handbook has been prepared to help you chart your path and support your studies in public relations. The first section introduces you to the profession, George Mason University’s PR curriculum, and the myriad of ways you can acquire valuable skills and experience during your years on campus. Section two focuses on specific skills, providing practical templates and how-to guides to help you successfully complete your assignments in Mason’s PR courses. Section three walks you through the process of writing a public relations plan, covers basic research, and discusses the use of goals, objectives, strategies, and tactics. The final section offers a primer on working with clients, working productively in teams, and conducting positive client communication.