Mason Author Series: Tropical Conservation with Dr. A. Alonso Aguirre

The University Libraries, Mason Publishing, and the University Bookstore, present
The Mason Author Series
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Tropical Conversation: Perspectives on Local and Global Priorities

Tropical Conservation with Dr. A. Alonso Aguirre

Monday September 26, 2016

3:00-4:15 pm

Main Reading Room (2nd floor), Fenwick Library, Fairfax Campus

In Tropical Conservation: Perspectives on Local and Global Priorities, editor A. Alonso Aguirre (Department Chair of Mason’s Environmental Science and Policy program) brings together experts who primarily work in Africa, Latin America and Asia to introduce important conservation concepts and real world applications to issues that affect the tropics and subtropics; a region with 75% of the world’s human population as well as 90% of its biodiversity.

Tropical Conservation argues that issues such as climate change, environmental sustainability, and emerging diseases must be studied and addressed on a global scale. Today, no part of the world can be viewed in isolation, and we further codify and integrate a range of approaches for addressing global threats to nature and environmental sustainability, including climate change and emerging diseases.

Aguirre will be joined by his contributors: Thomas Lovejoy who coined the term “biological diversity”; Larry Gorenflo, who focuses on how people adapt to their natural and cultural surroundings; Ingrid Visseren-Hamakers, whose research centers on international biodiversity governance; Harald Beck, who studies mammal-plant interaction and ecosystem engineering in temperate and tropical ecosystems; Andrew Taber, an environmental pioneer and authority on Neotropical wildlife; Elizabeth Loh, who studies anthropogenic land-use change; and wildlife biologist and veterinarian, Iga Stasiak.

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Please join us for this event. The event is free and refreshments will be provided. The book will be available for purchase.