GMU Press Book Launch: Peacebuilding Through Dialogue

The University Libraries, Mason Publishing and the University Bookstore present

Peacebuilding Through Dialogue
Education, Human Transformation, and Conflict Resolution
Edited by Peter N. Stearns

Peter Stearns & Susan Allen

Peacebuilding Through Dialogue: Education, Human Transformation, and Conflict Resolution

Wednesday, March 20th
3:00-4:30 p.m.

Main Reading Room (2001)
Fenwick Library, Fairfax Campus

Peacebuilding Through Dialogue is an invitation to scholars, students, and engaged citizens to discover the power and versatility of dialogue as a peacebuilding practice. Edited by Peter Stearns, the book features thirteen authors considering dialogue in the context of teaching and learning; dialogue as part of personal and interpersonal growth; and dialogue in conflict resolution and other situations of great change. With its expansive approach, the book makes original and invaluable contributions to peace studies, civic studies, education studies, organizational studies, conflict resolution studies, and dignity studies.

Join us for a very special book launch event on Wednesday, March 20, featuring a conversation with volume editor Peter Stearns and contributor Susan Allen

Books will be available for purchase at the event.

This book is published by George Mason University Press in collaboration with the Ikeda Center for Peace, Learning, and Dialogue of Cambridge, Mass. 

Book launch: Playfair

The University Libraries, George Mason University Press,
and the University Bookstore

Playfair: The True Story of the British Secret Agent Who Changed How We See the World

Thursday, March 22
2:00-3:30 pm

Main Reading Room
Fenwick Library, Fairfax Campus

Featuring author Bruce Berkowitz

Cover of Playfair by Bruce BerkowitzWilliam Playfair may be the most famous person you have never heard of. Best known today as the inventor of “statistical graphics”—the line, bar, and pie charts we all use today—Playfair was also a pioneer in strategic analysis, and a secret agent who carried out espionage and subversion against France on behalf of Great Britain.
This is the first book to uncover the full, true account of this remarkable, colorful man—undeniably brilliant, hopelessly flawed, and fundamentally important. Its pages reveal the astounding inventions and adventures of this larger-than-life swashbuckler, rogue, genius, and patriot.

“In addition to being a draftsman, inventor, company promoter, land speculator, economist, patriotic pamphleteer and bank-note counterfeiter, Playfair was a secret agent and international conspirator… He was adept at ducking and weaving from the truth, covering his tracks, mystifying his motives, and protecting his sources. Mr. Berkowitz’s Playfair is above all a work of ingenious detection and reconstruction.”
—The Wall Street Journal

Bruce Berkowitz is the author of several books and articles about national security, history, and international relations.


Refreshments will be provided.

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